Financial Freedom: A Proven Path to All the Money You Will Ever Need





Financial Freedom is about a lot more than money, it’s about living a richer life.’
—David Bach, #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Automatic Millionaire & The Latte Factor

‘Grant’s genius is on full display in the entrepreneurial attitudes and strategies in this practical, fiercely focused book. Financial Freedom fills a major gap in Your Money or Your Life that I didn’t even realize was there. Thank you!’ 
—from the foreword by Vicki Robin, New York Times bestselling co-author of Your Money or Your Life

‘Simply put, this book will help you make money. You’ll also learn to save, invest, and better manage your money—all good things! I hope you have the foresight to read and apply its many lessons.’ 
—Chris Guillebeau, New York Times bestselling author of Side Hustle and The 0 Startup

Financial Freedom will transform your relationship with money.’
—Joshua Becker, Founder of Becoming Minimalist and Simple Money Magazine

Financial Freedom is a comprehensive guide to building tangible wealth that you can deploy immediately to give yourself real options in life. You’ll both learn something and be inspired by Grant, whether you are brand new to the concept of financial freedom, or well on your way already.’
—Scott Trench, Author of Set For Life and and Host of the BiggerPockets Money Show Podcast

‘Grant Sabatier is a bold, new voice for this country’s next generation — a generation that chafes at mounting debt, rejects traditional modes of work, and longs for financial freedom. In this comprehensive money manual, Sabatier blends deep wisdom with proven action steps. He shows how to mold your mindset so that you can make the most of your dollars and your hours. Best of all, he provides a blueprint so that you can build the rich life you’ve always wished for.’
—J.D. Roth, Creator of Get Rich Slowly and author of Your Money

‘Eminently practical…A worthwhile purchase for anyone, not just aspiring millionaires, who feels overwhelmed by finances.’
Publishers Weekly

Financial Freedom changed my life. Reading it showed me a new way of looking at money and work that’s opened my eyes to how life ought to be lived. Grant’s book will not only guide you to financial freedom, it’ll teach you to stop being limited by conventions and what you think you can and cannot achieve.’ 
 —Coryanne Hicks, U.S. News & World Report

‘This book blew my mind.’

About the Author

Grant Sabatier, called ‘The Millennial Millionaire’ by CNBC, is the Founder of, which has reached over 10 million readers. He writes about personal finance, investing, entrepreneurship, and mindfulness and hosts the Financial Freedom podcast. Sabatier graduated from the University of Chicago and has been featured in the New York Times, Washington Post, NPR, Money Magazine,and many others. When not traveling in his VW Camper, he lives in New York City.

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